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PT. Rekayasa Anugrah Kreatifindo is a company built by several experts in their fields in 2023 to fulfill the pipeline and valve sectors.

PT. rekayasa anugrah kreatifindo is always commited to be a company with the best images for our customers and never stop to provide the best innovation especially in our field of business, in accordance with our commitment of FULLY RESPONSIBLE, ACCURATE, SATISFACTION and TIMELY [FAST].

With experience of several experts and technicians that we have, we are very confident that we can solve any problem that occur.

we develop ourselves to continue to serve our customers, especially in the oil and gas sectors.

however, we also target the coal sectors as general support for repair and fabrication works.

Our Products

We provide the most reliable and trendy solutions to the problems you are looking for.

clamp split sleeve

a locally made product using high carbon material that is useful for holding leaks in pipes.


a local product in the form of a flange that we make based on the size and request of the customer.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

Our services

some projects We Serve!

We serve repair and maintenance work on valves such as ball valves, gate valves, actuator valves, chuck valves, control valves, PSV, PRV and others.
We also provide testing with hydrotest and gas test methods.

we serve repair and maintenance work on subsea connectors such as Smart Flange and Quick Flange [OCEANEERING – MORGRIP model] which are commonly used to connect pipes in the sea without welding.
And we also provide repair and maintenance for pipeline fittings such as clamp sleeves, clamp split sleeves, clamp rings, flanges, weld caps and others [PLIDCO – ROMACON models] which are commonly used to overcome leaks in pipes.
We also serve testing with hydrotest and gas test methods on piping.

We serve fabrication work according to the request of you as our customer.
We have several experts such as certified welders and fitters..